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Derrick Ho 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 15 1 duplicate

the PIn UI can be improved.  It is currently not possible to enter a pin fast so it feels quite laggy.  I literally have to wait 0.5 - 1 second between button presses which is annoying.

Also because the pin ui only shows digits it is difficult to guess where the hit boxes begin and end.

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Hi Derrick,

I agree that the PIN entry is still rather slow; despite being much faster than originally deployed in Beta. We will look into performance enhancing.

  • What viewing device (Tablet model and browser) are you using?

As for the "PIN UI only showing digits" (i.e., no boxes or button outlines); this is a deliberate conformance to Google's Material Design which informs our entire app. We also debated this internally, but found this obvious analogy; the Android Dialer Pad... No button outlines, just the digits.




iOS on safari.

I added the action tile page to the home screen so when I open it it will not show the url part.  I am not sure if it is possible to use a different browser for this purpose.

Of course I can just use an alternative browser but the top url box will take up valuable screen real estate.  I am not aware of any other browser that will allow full screen mode.

I am running these tiles on an iPhone 5 so it is much smaller than the current smartphones you’d typically see on the market today.

My plan is to use my old iPhones for action tiles and keep them on 24/7.  I do not know if this use case is contributing to the slowness.

All I know is that the PIN number pad does not allow the typing speeds typically allowed by the mobile device’s default number pad.

Also I’ll add that in the iPhone, they have circles around the numbers so my UI suggestion was based on what I was accustom to.

I agree that the performance is something that I hope we can improve, because it really is a usability issue.

We are less likely to change the layout because our app conforms to Google's Material Design rather than other design guidelines that Apple, Microsoft, etc. may have.

Hi Derrick

I added the action tile page to the home screen so when I open it it will not show the url part.  I am not sure if it is possible to use a different browser for this purpose.

Web apps that are run from home screen shortcuts on older iOS devices are known to suffer from poor performance. This is a known issue with iOS.

Unfortunately, there is no known workarounds or remedies for such performance issues...

I wonder if the slowness could merely be caused by the animations when you press each individual button.  UI is typically done on the main thread and could cause some unresponsivness in slow devices.

What do you think of adding an option to disable animations if that’s the case.

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Hi Derrick,

We will revisit this issue at a later date. At the moment, there are no other open issues or complaints about this functionality, so we can't assign it a high priority.

Meanwhile, please consider using alternative browsers, or run the application in standard browser mode.


This is a required update. Using ActionTiles on a kindle fire as an alarm panel replacement works very well apart from the pin code lag. It totally removes the professional feel. Please reconsider and reopen. 


Thanks for the feedback. We do appreciate  Votes  on this Topic (it is not closed), as such votes influence relative rank. Since the function isn't, by definition, "broken", Topic Votes are the way for customers to indicate the subjective relative importance to them.

On my Kindle HD8, total time of: Tapping the Tile + enter 6 digit PIN + select disarm = max 6 seconds.

While I agree that the PIN entry is definitely "laggy", suboptimal from a UI perspective, and remains on the list for improvement; we must rank missing features (or severe bugs) higher than this relatively minor issue (which is, unfortunately, complex to solve).

6 seconds is, in our opinion, "functionally tolerable" in the meantime; unless an overwhelming number of Customer Votes indicates otherwise.


I’m just wondering what is so computationally intensive about the pin ui.

I understand that devs don’t want to change something that works and risk breaking the product it like a certain company coughtSmartthingscough....

I understand that there are some intense computation happening in the UI and it must be there for a reason.  Most of us customers are not privy to these reason.

All we can do is hope this gets enough thumbs up to encourage devs to look at the issue.


hi all,

Now, I'm not sure if i'm going crazy or not but....

I'm sure when i first got ActionTiles about 4 - 5 months ago, when entering the PIN, it used to update and show you having entered a number.  Now, when you press a number it waits until the full PIN has been entered before displaying that you have entered a PIN.

Is it just me actually going crazy or did this change?  If it did change...Can we have the old way back please :)


looks like it has been fixed.  tapping the numbers show the tiny rage dots like it used to.  The actual number  buttons do not appear to have any animation.  Did they ever?  

Tap ripple animation can negatively impact performance. I personally don't recall if they had animation; but glad the operation and performance is better now; so...

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