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Need ability to "resume" Thermostat Schedule

sflamm 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities • updated 1 year ago 4

The thermostat device is missing a "resume" capability -- which tells the thermostat to stop holding the current temperature and resume its schedule. 

This is really a bug - as your up/down temperature controls perform a manual hold on the thermostat and the tile provides not way to resume the schedule....

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This isn't a bug, as ActionTiles is conforming to SmartThings standard Capability abstraction paradigm.

ActionTiles is coded to provide the Commands and Attributes listed in the "Capability" definitions assigned to a Device by the Device Type Handler developer. We do not offer support for "ad hoc / custom" Capabilities at this time because there is no standard provided by SmartThings for these.

The Capabilities for Thermostat start here:

That said, I understand the value of the function you desire, and I'm surprised that SmartThings doesn't have it in the Capability Specifications.

But... I'm guessing that the "setSchedule()" Command might be a way to resume the current "scheduled temperature" when it has been overridden.

  • What exact type of Thermostat are you using?
  • Is is a "Works With SmartThings"™ device (i.e., installs automatically)?
  • or is it using a custom DTH?

If it has the "setSchedule()" Command, then we can consider adding this Command as a Feature Request.



I just discovered this tonight and I find it extremely irritating.  I wonder what other thermostat brands do.    I have only been using AT since last night and Smartthings for about a week. I guess I will just make sure to use the smart things app, which has resume, or use the native honeywell app that can submit temporary or permanent hold

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You're using Honeywell, Captain? Which model?

I think it is a certified WWST Device, but closed source with a lot of custom functions,... Not sure.

If only SmartThings would standardize it and expand the Capability "Thermostat" definition, we could work on providing proper compatibility...

I use the SmartThings app - and it has the "resume" function ... I expect that since it is built in to Samsung's SmartThings app it is expected to be standard supported functionality.   

As you agreed - this is very important functionality ... without it instead of the "smart" thermostat saving $ it will cost you a fortune... as you will be holding a heating temperature 24/7.

I had been using the SmartThings app so it was never a problem - after I began using ActionTiles I noticed the issue.

My thermostats are Ecobee 3... both the SmartThings and Ecobee App support resume of the schedule.   It is a "Smarthings Device" and does install automatically.