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Need ability to "resume" Thermostat Schedule

sflamm 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Cherokee180c 5 years ago 9

The thermostat device is missing a "resume" capability -- which tells the thermostat to stop holding the current temperature and resume its schedule. 

This is really a bug - as your up/down temperature controls perform a manual hold on the thermostat and the tile provides not way to resume the schedule....

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This isn't a bug, as ActionTiles is conforming to SmartThings standard Capability abstraction paradigm.

ActionTiles is coded to provide the Commands and Attributes listed in the "Capability" definitions assigned to a Device by the Device Type Handler developer. We do not offer support for "ad hoc / custom" Capabilities at this time because there is no standard provided by SmartThings for these.

The Capabilities for Thermostat start here:

That said, I understand the value of the function you desire, and I'm surprised that SmartThings doesn't have it in the Capability Specifications.

But... I'm guessing that the "setSchedule()" Command might be a way to resume the current "scheduled temperature" when it has been overridden.

  • What exact type of Thermostat are you using?
  • Is is a "Works With SmartThings"™ device (i.e., installs automatically)?
  • or is it using a custom DTH?

If it has the "setSchedule()" Command, then we can consider adding this Command as a Feature Request.



I just discovered this tonight and I find it extremely irritating.  I wonder what other thermostat brands do.    I have only been using AT since last night and Smartthings for about a week. I guess I will just make sure to use the smart things app, which has resume, or use the native honeywell app that can submit temporary or permanent hold

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You're using Honeywell, Captain? Which model?

I think it is a certified WWST Device, but closed source with a lot of custom functions,... Not sure.

If only SmartThings would standardize it and expand the Capability "Thermostat" definition, we could work on providing proper compatibility...

I use the SmartThings app - and it has the "resume" function ... I expect that since it is built in to Samsung's SmartThings app it is expected to be standard supported functionality.   

As you agreed - this is very important functionality ... without it instead of the "smart" thermostat saving $ it will cost you a fortune... as you will be holding a heating temperature 24/7.

I had been using the SmartThings app so it was never a problem - after I began using ActionTiles I noticed the issue.

My thermostats are Ecobee 3... both the SmartThings and Ecobee App support resume of the schedule.   It is a "Smarthings Device" and does install automatically.


Got bit by this just this past weekend.  I have a heat zone for my garage which in Winter stays at 45 when not in use (most of the time) but I was working in there this weekend.  I turned it up to 65 from Action Tiles before I went down there.  I noticed the next morning that my furnace was running far more than usual and that's when I caught that the garage stayed at 65 all evening and overnight.  With the frigid temps we had that's a lot of $$$.

If there's anyway to get a Resume Schedule function in Action Tiles it would be a big plus!

What exact make and model of thermostat do you have, Tom?

Terry,  At present I have three EcoBee 4's and one EcoBee 3 Lite.  The 3 Lite is the one in my garage and the 4's are in the regular living spaces.  All four of them have one or more remote sensors on them.

I'm going to try putting a bandaid on it for now by watching the thermostats via WebCore and notifying me if any stay at the same setpoint for a longer than normal time.  I'm also just found EcoBee Suite V1.6 over on the Smartthings forum so maybe there's a solution in that but I haven't had a chance to read through it yet.


I ran into the same issue. I just created a "Virtual Button" that in I programmed in WebCore to resume the thermostat back to its schedule - resumeprogram(). Works like a charm. 

I have the Ecobee 3 and the device handler I have installed in the IDE only sets the temperature changes till Next Scheduled event which is set in My Ecobee 3 preferences.  Webcore can also set to resume program which works perfectly.  I just set up a custom piston, which raises my temperature to 71 degrees when we go down to my Basement to watch a movie, opens the two Keen Home smart vents as well, as we normally do not heat the basement and finally turns the fan to ON to help heat up the basemet.  As soon as I turn off the Harmony activity, it automatically shuts the vents, turns the fan back to auto, and sets resume program on the T-stat.  The same virtual switch also triggers the lighting routines as well.  I am really hoping to get the new Sinope ZigBee floor Tstat as then the same Webcore piston can also turn on and off the floor heating automatically.