Change the Tile color for the currently Active Routine?

Brian B 6 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 1

I have multiple time of day routines that switch on/off at staggered times throughout the week.  While I am away its difficult to discern which routine is currently active from a glance at the tileset since all my routine tiles appear the same color.   A great feature is my door sensor appears based on state, both the icon and color can be set to create a hi-viz alert of the door state, is there any way to do the same with time of day routines (or routines in general) ?


Reasonable request, Brian, but essentially not possible...

Routines (and Scenes) don't have an "on" or "off" State!

They can only be triggered and no message is sent when a Routine completes or a Scene is changed.

Routine buttons are like Momentary Buttons. They can be tapped (pressed, pushed); but they do not toggle into to another state.

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