Security on Panel Shortcut Tiles

Sean 6 years ago in Security updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 9

I would love to be able to set a password on short cuts rather then doing each individual tile. (Eg. All the security objects on tile then have a shortcut on the main tile with a lock on it to the security tile.  


This would also be beneficial to me. I have 4 Fire 10 tablets mounted around my home. Front door, kitchen, living room and master bedroom. Many of my panel links contain links to other panels. This is very handy, except I would prefer guests not be able to access my master bedroom panel. Hence the need to secure panel link.

I concur. This would be a very useful feature. I have a main panel with a link to cameras on a camera panel, one of which is upstairs in my master suite. I have so far avoided adding it to my camera panel in order to prevent everyone in the house being able to invade my space. I would much rather have it on the panel with my other cameras, but requiring additional security to access or view that particular tile. 

I was hoping to set up a discreet admin panel from my main panel with all the technical bits which wifey and family need not stumble into and worry themselves about. Please add this feature.


This is great because it would alleviate the need for PIN support on certain types of individual tiles -- if you can just gate those tiles behind another panel, you can effective PIN-control anything you want.

Need to bump this up to the top. My use case is similar to MaxVonEvil's, where I have a custom webpage on the LAN tied into my Ubiquiti network and the ability to shut the kids' wifi off at a button press (still a work-in-progress). It's a mute point if the kids can re-enable themselves.

Would really love to see this implemented. While I'd like to be able to control some lights and thermostats from the panel by my garage door, I don't need non-family members screwing with them as they come in or leave.

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