Security on Panel Shortcut Tiles

Sean 12 months ago in Security • updated by Shawn Batchelor 4 months ago 2

I would love to be able to set a password on short cuts rather then doing each individual tile. (Eg. All the security objects on tile then have a shortcut on the main tile with a lock on it to the security tile.  


This would also be beneficial to me. I have 4 Fire 10 tablets mounted around my home. Front door, kitchen, living room and master bedroom. Many of my panel links contain links to other panels. This is very handy, except I would prefer guests not be able to access my master bedroom panel. Hence the need to secure panel link.

I concur. This would be a very useful feature. I have a main panel with a link to cameras on a camera panel, one of which is upstairs in my master suite. I have so far avoided adding it to my camera panel in order to prevent everyone in the house being able to invade my space. I would much rather have it on the panel with my other cameras, but requiring additional security to access or view that particular tile.