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Customize Panels Settings (icon size) per Browser / Tablet

CjCrHammer 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 1

Currently I use a raspberry pi with 8" touchscreen, 3 Amazon 8" Kindles, and multiple iOS devices (ipads,iphones of various sizes).  the ability to modify via cookie or even a URL setting &size=[small, small-med, medium, med-large, large, or x px] to the specific viewer device...

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Thanks for the suggestion... though we have heard it or a variations before.

We think this is very difficult to implement. We currently don't track anything at the individual "browser instance" (or hardware: tablet, phone, desktop) level, and that would suddenly add an entire dimensionof Settings. Worth thinking about for the long term, for sure.

In the meantime, we highly recommend the Copy Panel function as the best available workaround. Make a distinct Panel copy for each target viewing device. The copied version of the Panel has its own Settings, of course. (If you change your Panel designs frequently, then I understand there will still be a lot of duplicate effort to keep the copies in sync.)

This latter recommendation has the advantage that it encourages you to tailor the Panels appropriate for the all the characteristics of the viewing device; not only screen size, but also the physical location and purpose of the Panel. A Panel in a bedroom, home theater, or kitchen, perhaps ought to have entirely different set of Tiles (and ordering and layout...) than each other, and different than a single "Master Control Panel".