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Support for MQTT IoT Protocol?

JD_Allen 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 2

Is there any support to read MQTT packets for sensor data??  If not, is there an API I can use to add this functionality??  All my weather sensors report using the MQTT protocol, and it would be nice if AT supported the protocol.


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Hi JD,

Short answer is noActionTiles's current UI and underlying architecture is tailored specifically for SmartThings - we consider this to be a core value and strength. Many reasons for this ... and there are just as many good reasons for us to consider expanding in various ways too! But: The additional protocols and platforms out there are countless (Wink? Homeseer? Iris? OpenHAB? MQTT)?

Until we decide otherwise, our stock answer is that you should take advantage of the fact that SmartThings is, itself, an "extensible platform" (pretty close to being an "open platform"). As such, we encourage folks who have devices ("Things") to integrate them with SmartThings first (i.e., write a Device Type Handler, that hopefully conforms to published Capability definitions...). That way you get all the benefits of the ST platform, and, as a side effect, at least some compatibility with AT.



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