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Screensaver Feature

GavinCampbell 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by JB Bentz 7 years ago 4

Would it be possible to get some sort of screensaver feature.  My console is on my table and would make a nice digital picture frame when not in use.

A couple of possible ideas may be

1.  Just a simple blank screen so it can be touched as you approach it.

2.  After a certain time of inactivity make a picture media tile full screen and refresh it frequently.

3.  Load pictures from a file hosting service such as onedrive.  This may be too much to bother with.

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Great idea, Gavin...

A current workaround (for Android) and a good way to explore this as a Proof-Of-Concept is to run in the Fully Kiosk Browser. It is available on Play store and direct APK download (handy for Fire tablets).

Screen saver can be set to "dim:" to just fade the screen, or to any website; and wake on camera motion detect or a single tap.


Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately I'm running this on an old iPad 2 and it works great.  I have it in Guided Access mode so it doesn't really lock.  It will turn off based on the sleep settings but pressing the home button will open right up to Action Tiles. 

The android app though sounds perfect.


Kind of figured a way to do this.

I'm running this on an old ipad 2 on ios 9.3.5 that is pretty much useless for anything else.

I jailbroke it and installed the DimMe tweak.

Now instead of locking the ipad will dim the screen to black and turn off the backlight.  This way I can walk up to it and touch it to activate it, which is really nice.

I'm still looking to see if there is some kind of slideshow tweak I can install to do that instead of dimming to make it a picture frame.  But this works well.

have you checked out DakBoard?  I don't have any advice for how to get the iPad to use it as the screensaver, but it works perfectly as a "digital picture frame" style screensaver with Fully on Android.

It's just a URL though....so it will work for iOS...you just need to find an app that will direct you do it.