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After setting up individual tiles in the tile builder when selecting the Tile Options next to the new tile, the "Tile Settings" pop up window appears but no longer has a scroll bar to scroll down to other options such as battery percentage or icon.

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Using a LG 20 phone, but also using the app on a Window's 10 tablet.  Same situation on both devices.  On the tablet, tried both Chrome and Edge.  Same issue in all cases.

Here are the screen shots from the Android LG 20.  My various tile groups are shown here:

However, when I select a particular tile to edit how it appears on the panel, the tile settings pop up window is missing the scroll bar .  So I can't edit anything below Tile Dimensions.  When I first set up the tiles, I remember there were more options to choose from and the scroll bar was there.  But, with the scroll bar missing, I can no longer access the other options which are farther down below the Tile Dimensions.

Below is an image from my Windows 10 Tablet using Chrome.  Here the scroll bar exists, but will not scroll below "Tile Dimensions"

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The scroll bar does not appear on mobile devices until you perform the scroll gesture. If there's no scroll bar, that means there are no other options available on that dialog. Some options are only applicable for certain kinds of tiles.

As it stands right now, there's nothing wrong with your device or ActionTiles app.

Having said that, I realized that battery indicator options are not implemented for Temperature Tile. This is an omission that will be fixed in the upcoming releases.



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