Christmas Lights Icons?

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Justin Krishnamurti 7 years ago 7

Hello, can ActionTiles, please make Christmas tree, Outdoor Christmas lights and other Christmas appliances labels, so it is less confusing when people see it.

I would also like to have the option to enlarge or decrease the font size of the tile label (Tile Header font). 


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Great idea, Justin...

If you (and other readers) make a list of icons; we might be able to install a few of them in time for the Holidays. At this time, we are still hard-coding icons to Switches (etc.), so the selection won't be very big.

Icons need to be in .SVG format.

Here is one example source we might be able to pick some from:

A little off topic, but I would like to see a game controller icon too. :)


Game controller icon is a little off topic here, but I will try to remember to include it, some time.

That would be great! Christmas ones too of course, but I have my Xbox setup through my Harmony hub and no game icon. :( lol

Thank you!

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