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I have my main panel for SHM. I have a virtual switch tile to arm my alarm with a delay through CoRE and the pin protected SHM tile to disarm and a panel shortcut tile to all my devices. I also disabled the Panel Options on this panel with the thought of having this panel as a "kiosk". Are there any plans to pin protect the panel shortcuts also so no one can access my devices or panel options by going into that panel?

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This is a reasonable request. We should also revisit all the other tiles that don't yet implement PIN Code protection.

Please note that even thought the Panel Options button is removed, it's still possible to access other panels by navigating to the root URL.

For maximum security, we recommend creating free Buddy Accounts and use the Panel Sharing feature to grant access to panels with restricted permissions.

I have a main panel consisting of shortcuts and I would like to Second the request to add PIN security to a shortcut.  As an example, I’m utilizing individual tile PIN security to Disarm my house and it works great.


We have the option to disable the (…) icon that provides admin functionality at the panel– but what if I want to create an Admin Panel where the (…) functionality is exposed?  Having PIN security on a shortcut would prevent someone from “back-dooring” in and going through the Builder functionality and adding a new tile that invokes the PIN secured routine, but without the PIN.

Does this make sense?  Do you need additional information?

(Nice to have - adding a PIN to the (…) icon / function)

Having PIN security on a shortcut would prevent someone from “back-dooring” in... 

Unfortunately, PIN protection alone will not solve this! If you are logged into a browser without strong kiosk lockdown, any user can manually navigate to the My Panels page via the URL and then access any Panel owned by the logged in Account or shared to it.

Of course, such Kiosk browsers exist, so shortcut PINs could be a step in the evolution here. The best current secure solution is to use separate ActionTiles Accounts. Longer term, we might even consider PINs to access any Panel itself. 

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