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acd37 7 years ago in Announcements updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 1

It would be great to get a once monthly / once quarterly email newsletter outlining recent updates (visual, device integrations, security issues etc.) as well as outlining/teasing features that are on there way——especially now that ActionTiles has become a paid consumer product.

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We like to keep folks informed, but the more we email, the more likely it is that email systems will consider us to to be spam. We cannot take the risk, since we need email for valuable marketing and other critical communications. Once we are considered "spam", it is nearly impossible to get off the block lists.

Instead, please take advantage of your personal User Echo Forum "Notification Settings".

See this FAQ: How do I reduce my Forum Notification email messages?

A good category to subscribe to is "Announcements" rooted here:

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