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Dimmable light but no dimmer control?

Duncan 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 5

I have 3x Phillips Hue lights which are both RGBW controllable and dimmable.  We established in another thread that an enhancement is required for ActionTiles to put the RGB controls on it, but that is not my question for today (although I am waiting and hoping for that feature.... :) )

Recently we had a power outage, and afterwards one of the 3 lights did not reconnect to the smartthings hub. I ended up deleting and re-creating it and it is now working fine through Smartthings.

However, in ActionTiles it only appears with an on/off, and no 3 dots to allow dimming.  Both of the other 2 lights (same model, but which did not have to be deleted and recreated) have the 3 dots, and did this light before it was deleted and re-added.

Any suggestion on how to get it recognised as a dimable light again?

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If a Dimmable Switch is not showing a Dimmer Control it means that ActionTiles hasn't detected as having the ability to dim. We ought to be just checking for a claim of SmartThings Capability "Switch Level"; but AT is more fussy than that.

i.e., The Device needs to have a valid value for the Attribute "switchLevel".

Login to your SmartThings IDE API webpage, check under "My Devices", open the detail page for the Thing, and check this section, "Current States:

If you don't have a Current State value for switchLevel, then you may have to try dimming/brightening your bulb outside of ActionTiles, then using the Location / SYNCHRONIZE function. If that doesn't work, please try de-authorizing and re-authorizing the Thing.

Please keep us posted. This occurs very rarely, but if we can narrow down the conditions, then maybe there will be better way we can automatically correct the situation.




Hi Terry,

I appreciate your support fast response as always :)

You are exactly correct, when I put both lights side by side, the one I re-registered only has Switch, Hue and Saturation, while the older registered, working ones have Switch, Hue, Saturation, level, colourtemperature and colourname. I've attached the example. Both are registered as the same type of device, Zigbee RGBW Bulb.

So the issue seems to be how it is registered with Smartthings, rather than anything you are reading. Interestingly, while I can control the brightness throught the smartthings app, it always reports the current brightness as 0.  I'll contact smartthings support and see if they have any suggestions.

Thanks... They ought to be helpful.

These bulbs are directly joined to your Hub, right? (Rather than connected via a Hue Bridge?).

Sorry for the slow response, I've had a surprisingly frustrating time with Samsung.

Yes, the lights are directly joined to the hub, and not via a Hue bridge. The other 3 I have are all working perfectly.

Not Our Issue / Scope

Some folks have reported that they have had success by removing and re-adding the bulb; though I know you mentioned doing this.

Officially, SmartThings does not support "Hue Bulbs" connected directly: They only support Hue via the Hue Bridge.

Because of this, you or we can't expect assistance from Support@SmartThings.com ... though you could try.

Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices are particularly out of our control if they are not compliant to the Capability claims (e.g., "setLevel" ... Attribute "level", for a Dimmer).

Let me know at Support@ActionTiles.com if you get any further clues or information from SmartThings Support.



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