Sonos album art

Eric Stiens 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Carter H 5 months ago 7

Just wanted to show off a proof of concept. I have my basic dashboard setup pulling the currently playing album art in the living room straight from Sonos. I use a raspberry pi running the Node-Sonos-HTTP-API to interact with Sonos from a variety of applications around the house. I have a little app running that pulls the album art URL from there and automatically redirects a request to show the album art and put that in a media tile. Works pretty well! Would be lovely if Sonos ever opened up their API to be able to do this without so many workarounds.

Can you explain how you did it? I'm looking for a workaround. I currently own a Sonos PLAY 5 and PLAY 3. Would appreciate your help.

Yes, can you please share this ?

Any update on if you can do this easier?

Update about this one. 

The new SONOS integration with Smartthings exposes the Album art as part of the API, meaning it would now be possible to achieve the above without having to have a server running on a Raspberry Pi: 


    "title": "Lavender",
    "artist": "Casiio",
    "album": "Lavender",
    "albumArtUrl": "https://i.scdn.co/image/8da7d21d33c18a33c91ff74a26c6adf481613179",
    "mediaSource": "Spotify"

Have you got any.instructions on how that could be achieved?


There's nothing that I know of that natively shows album art. But the latest Sonos Smartthings integration exposes the album artwork as a URL so it wouldn't be too difficult for a new type of ActionTiles tile to look at this piece of data and display it (in the same way that the media tiles do right now). But currently this doesn't exist, so please vote for the first post and maybe the clever Devs will make it happen. 

what on earth is a magic egg?