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Greg J. 7 years ago in Security updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 1

I was interested in the free trial for ActionTiles, but the license agreement was way too long. I got sick of studying it and decided to write this post instead. I noticed that the agreement makes me responsible for actions carried out by others in situations outside of my control, such as if someone hacks my account. :(


Hi Greg, ... Thanks for the feedback! 

I wish I could offer you our lawyer's phone number, as he might appreciate the review of his rather expensive prose. He said he bills by the hour, but I think he actually charged us by the word. 🤑

Our Terms of Service is 4529 words long - about 50 words shorter than SmartThings's Terms of Use, and 3000 words shorter than that of the Apple / iTunes Store.

Indeed, while we take security very seriously and our systems use "bank quality encryption", just like SmartThings, we cannot be responsible if through action or inaction your smart locks are compromised, your (inadvisably) connected fireplace turns on, or your sensors fail to report intrusion, smoke or leaks, etc. This is, in fact, mostly because we run on top of SmartThings, and thus cannot be any more secure than their platform, nor can we take responsibility for issues that Samsung doesn't take either.

I hope you understand the that we are following software industry typical language in our contract and please consider plowing through this bump to get at the highly loved and continually improving tool on the other side.


... Terry.

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