My simple (<$10) mounting solution for Prime Day Amazon Fire Tablets

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Finished product:




  • Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Drill w/ 3/16" metal bit
  • Hobby knife or box cutter
  • Fingernail clippers ;) - I'm sure others can find a more eloquent way to trim away excess rubber but they work.


  • Unscrew the clip from the vent magnet
  • Separate what's left into 4 parts. The plastic backing, the metal magnetic plate, 4x round magnets, and the protective rubber cover.
    • You can dispose of the plastic backing (not shown below)
    • I recommend removing the magnet from the plate when drilling.  Otherwise they will pick up all the metal shavings.

Image 1092

  •  Drill out the center hole of the metal plate with the 3/16 bit - or whatever size is appropriate for your drywall anchors.
  • Clip away excess rubber around the center to accommodate your screw/anchor head
    • The screw/anchor head will sit flush on the plate when you feed it through the hole you just drilled, but it's too large for the hole in the middle of the rubber cover
  • Use box cutter to cut a small X in the middle of the protective cover - large enough so you can insert a phillips head screwdriver
    • tried to get a pic of the X but it doesn't show well

Image 1093

  • With the screw inserted into the metal plate, replace the magnets in the slots, and fit the rubber covering over the plates/magnet/screw head
  • Use a phillips head to screw assembled magnet mount into the drywall

Hope this helps or inspires other creating mounting solutions.  Sorry I didn't take more pics but I wasn't sure what I was doing until I finished ;) Enjoy.

Android Fire

Oops, just noticed that another user posted something similar in this thread: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/1433-show-me-your-panels/



Great minds indeed! Question: how do you charge your tablet? Also, which solution are you using for motion detection? It seems to work very nicely.


Hey Jimi - maybe I saw your solution a while back and filed it away subconsciously.  I went from feeling that slightly arrogant confidence you get when pulling off an original idea to feeling sheepish when I realized you had done and posted about the exact same thing 2 months ago ;)

The browser running ActionTiles is Fully Browser from the Play Store.  It has an option to activate when the camera senses motion.  HIGHLY recommended.

Right now my tablet isn't powered.  I was thinking about charging solutions but right now I can get through a whole day on a charge so I haven't chased it down any further.

When I was thinking about it, I was toying around with PoE to a flat Qi charger and a flat wireless power receiver that would attach to the back of the Fire.  Some models I was considering:






Right now, I'm too lazy to run cat6 to my tablet locations, but I'm pleased I'm getting a days worth of use out of a single charge.

I recall these mounts were available on Black Friday at Home Depot (and for a week after) for $4 or $5.

If you are patient you con find two packs for 5$-8$ on Amazon every once in a while. I snatched a few up last time they were on sale and i have an extra pack just waiting to go. They are useful for all kinds of projects. As soon as you take them apart you will get a flood of ideas on how to use them. FYI I had to use two for my Nexus 10, it was just too heavy for one. I have a feeling one would hold a 7in fire tablet just fine.