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Tiles should indicate Device Health values such as "unavailable"

FloridaGuy 1 year ago in Things & Capabilities • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 7 1 duplicate

I have noticed that any Hue lamps that are unavailable due to no power or connectivity issues are displayed as "ON". Both the Hue and SmartThings apps show them as "unavailable".

This value seems to come from the "status" Attribute generated when Device Health is enabled.

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Hi Guy,

Are you able to look in the SmartThings IDE to determine the value reported in the Bulb's "Current States"?

  • Login at https://account.smartthings.com
  • Go into My Devices
  • Open the "unavailable" Bulb, and capture the values shown in the table under Current States...
  • It might even be useful to see what entries exist in "List Events" too.




 1. For a Hue bulb physically powered off, SmartThings app shows "unavailable" when Current States show "Switch=On" and "Status=offline".

2. The other apps are SmartThings app and the Hue app.

3. Bulbs connected to Hue Bridge.


  1. Do you have "Health Check" enabled?
  2. Could you please paste a screenshot of the SmartThings App device detail screen or wherever it is showing this "unavailable" message?

(I have never noticed "unavailable" in the SmartThings App, but, well, obviously I use ActionTiles much more than SmartThings App!)

I don't want to jump to conclusions regarding this issue, but the basic theory is that, according to SmartThings's own specifications;

  • Capability "Switch" only has 1 Attribute:  switch
  • And its values are only:  "on" or "off".
  • There are no other allowed values (such as "unavailable", "offline", "turning on", "turning off").
  • There is no documented Attribute called "status" (well, except in obscure unrelated Capabilities).
  • There is no documentation for Health Check (where the status Attribute is likely being set... I think).


 The "Health Check" is definitely the difference. I had it enabled, so I disabled it to see how SmartThings reacted. The same bulb now shows "ON" just like Action Tiles does, even with the bulb unscrewed and laying on the table next to me! With Health Check enabled, the bulb shows "unavailable". This link shows how unavailable looks on SmartThings app.




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Thanks, John!

Well... I will convert this Topic into a Feature Request for us to consider figuring out how to determine Health Check "status", if we can, then indicate abnormal status on Panels.

Until the Health Check API is published by SmartThings for 3rd Party Developers to use, however, this may not be possible.


Thanks Terry,

 Just an FYI - the link I provided above also mentions devices that the batteries die on, so this might be more widespread than just Hue lamps.

Thanks for your time and I hope you are able to find a simple solution!


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