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Change Panel Theme based on LUX, time, Routine, or Mode

Yagga 7 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Tom_G_2010 6 years ago 4

I would like to know if we can add a feature to change panel themes from one to another (eg. Elements to Slate) based on LUX, Time of day our Routine (Modes). This will help my tablet mounted on wall to be visible based on the time of day (lighting) so it can be seen best with appropriate background.

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Good idea, Yagga...

I believe we have had some similar suggestion(s) in the past, but I can't find an exact match; even in our Beta Forum.

This topic below is worth referencing, so I'll include the link here:

Is this still on the roadmap? I remember we all discussed this early beta 6 - is one of the only things left for me.

You guys have done a sterling job.

"Nothing" is on the roadmap, Tim... as we don't publish our plans.

All I can say is that we like the idea; but unless this is merged with other more popular functionality, it is not likely to have a high priority for implementation. Very long todo list here; including stuff under our covers (like sleep, LOL!).

When are Feature Ideas in the Forum going to be implemented?




This gets my vote as a highly desired feature.  I am setting up a panel that will be mounted on the hallway wall right outside the bedroom doors.  The panel theme that shows best in the day time is too bright for the night time.  It would be great if it were possible to switch panel theme to a darker more high contrast tyle set for the evening hours.