RELEASE v6.6.1: Thermostat operating mode & related enhancements, iOS App Shortcut fix

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated 7 years ago 4

Overall, this is a minor release; though the improvements to Thermostat Control are really  COOL!!! 

Enhancements Detail:

  • Implemented Fan mode & Thermostat operation mode (cooling vs heating)
  • Ability to change tile size and orientation of Heating Thermostat, Cooling Thermostat. Notably, 1x1 minimal tile size is now available to optimize real estate.
  • New default size for Heating Thermostat, Cooling Thermostat tiles is now 2 wide x 1 tall:
    • Horizontal tiles flow better. The original thermostat tiles from SmartTiles were 1 wide x 2 tall, for the sake of being more interesting, but it doesn't flow quiet as nice as horizontal tiles (but tall orientation is still an option).
  • Changed thermostat setpoint buttons to +/- (replacing "^" type arrows).
  • Thermostat setpoint buttons are reduced in size to the standard MD-Icon-Button size. These buttons remain the same size across different tile sizes to maintain consistent size as secondary actions. This draws more attention and gives more space for thermostat setpoint value to be seen from distance, while being big enough to be interactive from close distance.
    • This is the new direction/standard for Tiles.This will be applied to the only other complex tile we have right now, which is the Music Player and whatever else we come up in the future.
  • Fix implemented for iOS Bug of on Shortcut Tiles: They should now be again able to open native Apps (if native app provides a URL).

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

This is great! One of the best updates (for me) so far. I use 2 of the the Centralite Pearl's for my home thermostats. One with the "Dual" icon and one with "Heat" only. Currently the "Dual" tile only displays in 2x2 and it is not resizable. Any chance it will get a resize function as well? Keep up the great work guys. -Joel

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Thanks, Joel!

A workaround for the non-sizable "dual-thermostat Tile" is to create a separate Heating & Cooling Tiles, of course; that gives you the most flexibility in layout, though they might get "separated" if they flow differently on certain page sizes.

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