RELEASE v6.5.0 deployed: Panel copy, Tileset copy, and Individual Tile size options...

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated 7 years ago 12

Featured enhancements...

  • Make a Copy of entire Panel (use the Panel Builder's menu)
  • Copy a Tileset to another Panel (use a Tileset's menu)
  • More individual Tile Settings in Panel Builder, including dimension multiples (use the Tile's menu)
  • Large Clock Tiles
  • New icons are used for each of Smart Home Monitor (SHM) mode. SHM mode selection is now a slide-up-drawer (like a dimmer or Routines selection)
  • Music Player Tile: Play & Pause, Play & Stop are reversed to more common app conventions (i.e., shows "pause" button when playing, etc.)

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.


  • Some additional tweaks, wording / spelling fixes, and various back-end improvements.


  • This is an update of the front-end web app only. The SmartApp "ActionTiles (Connect) V6", ie the connector to SmartThings, is unaffected. The SmartApp will change very rarely; but, this time, we actually do have a pending SmartApp deployment.
  • The version number of the front-end web app is found on the upper right corner of the Login Page and in the About section of in-app Help.
  • You will all receive the update automatically and simultaneously as we force a "reload" of the web page after deployment.
  • You can use in the Reload App button if you suspect your browser did not refresh to this version.

Great update. Enjoying the larger clock font, Thanks!

Copy feature is nice as well as tile size selections 


Hi Terry,

Quick one re changes made to home monitor. It's now a two click operation to arm/disarm. Previously had arm/disarm option on one tile and now it just shows current setting and need to tap to then change state. Could his be made configurable ?



Hi Daniel, 

This change was done to be consistent with Modes and Routines Tiles, and (shhh...) preparation for adding PIN protection option to SHM Tile.

Since changing SHM arming state has quite an impact on your home (ie, could immediately set off Alarms if a window or door is open!), requiring 2 taps helps to avoid accidental activation.

I doubt we will change this back; but you can make a Feature Request Topic after SHM PIN has been implemented.

Nice update, thanks. I think you guys forgot about the resizing functionality of the  MODE tile. 

So in checking out these new features, specifically the tile size.  I was able to choose tile height and width for everything but my Zen thermostat which didn't have any options for height and width.  Naturally this is the one that is the problem for me. ;-)  Is this a bug or an issue with the thermostat type?

Thermostat Tile sizing is a known Bug, though I can't find the existing Topic for it (I know it's here somewhere...!).

Thanks for the New Icons. Some other Tile icon suggestions:
video game console, movie camera/film strip, irrigation sprinkler, outdoor patio light, doorknob


Game Console Icon

Film Camera Icon

Film Strip Icon

Sprinkler icon

Patio Light Icon

Door Lock Icon

Door knob icon

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