RELEASE v6.4.1 deployed: Invitation Codes no longer required & ActionTiles Connect SmartApp improved

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated 7 years ago 4

Featured enhancements...

  • This Release is primarily the elimination of the requirement for an "Invitation Code" to create an ActionTiles Account.

    Now it is super easy to:
    • (a) Sign-up and use ActionTiles instantly (including 14 day free trial).
    • (b) Create additional Buddy Accounts to share Panels with.
    • (c) Promote ActionTiles to your friends and social media connections!
  • We have also made substantial improvements to the "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" SmartApp which links your SmartThings Locations to ActionTiles. The effects of these should not be noticeable to most Customers, but ... This Topic thread will be updated with any important information or issues that arise.

We will also update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon, if their status has been affected.


  • The version number of the front-end web app is found on the upper right corner of the Login Page and in the About section of in-app Help.
  • You will all receive the update automatically and simultaneously as we force a "reload" of the web page after deployment.
  • You can use in the in-app Reload button if you suspect your browser did not refresh to this version (check About to see the Version number).
  • FYI: Beta participants have been deployed a slightly different version of the SmartApp -- Please report Beta issues only in the ActionTiles Beta Forum.

Hi, live in Sweden and have the letters ÅÄÖ in the alphabet. After the last update, these letters appear as a question mark. Can I do anything to fix this myself? Exampel: V�der

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