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Amcrest Camera delay lag of 10 seconds?

Martin Kelly 7 years ago in Media Tiles updated by Aiden 6 years ago 6

Is anyone else getting live action delay of about 10 seconds with their camera or is it just Amcrest? No problem otherwise...

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Hi Martin,

  1. What type of stream are you using? Still image snapshots or live mjpg?
  2. Are you using a LAN address?
  3. What happens when you open the stream in its own tab or browser (i.e., just as a single web page, not as a part of a Panel)?

I am using mjpg stream - it is like a delay of 6-10 seconds.

i am using the Amcrest ddns service (wan), when I access the camera directly from a browser using the same ddns url, it is in real time.

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  1. What browser(s) have you tested, please?
  2. What browsing devices (phone / tablet models)?

I have a couple old Foscams (same manufacturer as Armcrest) and confirm that the behavior occurs ... except it also occurs in a plain browser tab (on Android Chrome Nexus 9 tablet).

I ran the same Panel in Fully on a slow Amazon Fire 7" tablet, and the response was much better; ... sorta. It was inconsistent.

  • This is probably caused by a combination of factors; the processing speed of the Camera, the browser and version, the performance of the browsing tablet, the complexity of the Panel and/or other things running on the tablet.
  • The current version of ActionTiles doesn't do any processing of the video stream. So there aren't any readily available ways to tune this.
  • I think this issue will have to just be added to the "Video Enhancements" pile.



Indeed. Just tried it on Macbook using Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Works faster in Firefox and Safari - no image present in Chrome.

I'm 99% certain that Chrome is blocking the image because it is not-SSL (i.e., it is an "http://" address on an "https://" page).

Of course ActionTiles uses SSL for security -- it is essential. But we cannot wrap SSL around embedded media if it doesn't already have it.

Supposedly there are settings in Chrome to allow so-call "mixed-content"; but I have had ... "mixed-success" with attempts to use such settings.

Truth is that the Cameras really need to start using SSL & https://. But that adds considerable complexity to them.