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Non-admin mode - guest mode only

59wglane 7 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 1

would it be possible to add a feature to display the system in guest mode/read-only... No access to "..." Menus or anything that can reveal the admin side of the app.

I'm having cold sweats... By the thought of people coming over and as they do....touching the displays and getting into things they shouldn't be. Plus I'm trying to make it easy and clean for the wife to use

Example: Maybe pass a parameter on the tablets you want as "user-mode" only


Solution Exists

This Idea / Request has come up a few times and we are incrementally implementing it.

  • If you want to display a Panel securely, just use a separate ActionTiles Account and share only the Panels you explicitly wish, to that Account.
  • A guest (Buddy) can't mess up anything - except change their password? - when using that distinct Account.
  • To simplify the environment for the Buddy, use the "Hide Panel options button (...)" in the Panel Settings on the Panel you are sharing.

  • If you email your Buddy to share a Panel, use email only the Panel's actual URL. We don't have a "copy to clipboard" option, yet; but you can just use the URL bar of your browser, or the sharing button of your browser ... while viewing the Panel.

Maybe pass a parameter on the tablets you want as "user-mode" onlyActiontiles.com?mode=user

The use of parameterized URLs is not a secure solution, since the user can just edit the URL and remove the parameter.

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