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Set target screen size to help Panel building on Desktop for mobile

Bergstrom, Gunnar 7 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Neflhiem 7 years ago 3

Great that you can edit panels in a web browser and view those panels on any device. I would like to make a suggestion that when editing in a desktop web browser an option is provided to set the screen size you are editing so that the tiles maintain the same order and sequence as they would on the device that Action Tiles will be displayed on. Perhaps something like 2048 x 1536 pixels for an Ipad Air being displayed in Landscape mode. No need to have a list of every screen size - just let user enter pixel height and width.

Windows Mac

If you use Chrome, just go to the menu, then "more tools", then "Developer tools".  Then click the little icon that looks like a phone on top of a tablet. From there you can change the aspect ratio and resolution to match any tablet you like.  I leave the panel open in that browser tab and open another to do the editing, and it refreshes live, without me having to set up the resolution over and over again.

The tool already has resolutions pre-built for various specific brand/model devices as well.  If you just click on the drop down by the word "responsive" it will bring up a list of emulated devices, and you can create a custom device if the list is missing one you want.


you rock sir.. thank you