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Hide Tilesets Using Configurable Status

Jeff 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by cobee 1 year ago 3 1 duplicate

I would like to be able hide a tileset based on whether or not I'm home, or if the home security is in alarm. I would like to enter a PIN/password to reset the alarm. It would also be nice to have a tileset be view only until a PIN is entered to allow changes.

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Great ideas, Jeff...

The idea of having Tilesets visible/hidden based on Mode or some other status triggers has come up in Beta discussions (and perhaps a Topic already in this Forum, but I can't find a specific one to merge in here yet). We like the concept, but haven't figured out what the initial prototype would be yet. Let's merge the right related ideas together and discuss and Vote and see where this goes. Thanks!

PS: I "struck out" the PIN for Alarm (SHM) part of this Feature Request, because that is already covered in this other Topic. Please contribute Vote(s) there: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/365-pin-pad-andor-password-for-shm/

Please Add a toggle or checkbox to the tile/tileset settings window.

If you call it “hide tile from this tileset”, you will see the tile from the admin view, but not on the web view. This is similar function to panel title hide.

I loaded about 6 bulbs that are in my bedroom, than I later added a virtual switch that controlled the group. I no longer need them on the webview, but if I change my mind I will have to setup all over again.

Thanks, James.

would love to hide or unhide a tileset based on a virtual switch