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Haden Cruickshank 7 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by KamHouse 4 years ago 7

Has anyone found a good app that will allow ActionTiles to display on the android homescreen as a widget? I tried one called Web Widget but it wouldn't auto log me in (and wouldn't bring up a keyboard to do so anyway!)



I'm certainly interested if you can find a good "web page" Android Homescreen widget that is compatible with ActionTiles; so let's see where the discussion goes.

  • I do recommend the Sharp Tools App for creating Widgets and Tasker integration for SmartThings (by Josh / Boshdirect): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boshdirect.stwidgets

    I think it makes a good "companion app" for ActionTiles. It has a free trial mode, and if you decide to purchase, please leave the developer a note saying that "ActionTile sent ya"!



I am interested in this too. Same experience using Web Widget as HC above. 

My need is to have AT visible on the Home Screen, taking up 3/4 of the usable area..leaving space at the bottom for my other smartapp icons..Like Roku remote, Ring, Yamaha, Netflix, Hulu ext. 

In this scenario I would have a usable controller for all things needed.

An alternative would be to have an AT Tille that triggers an app to run. Not sure if this is doable.


Will give Sharp Tools a try.

Sharp Tools is a good app but doesn't address my need for action tiles to run as a widget on the desktop.

Any other usable ideas to accomplish this?


How about crowdfunding a custom widget App that connects to ActionTiles's back-end? 🤔

Seriously... At some point we hope to offer various "native" phone/tablet integrations, but it is so far off the scope at the moment, I shouldn't even bother to mention it.

A generic browser widget compatible with the current ActionTiles would sure be a convenient solution for now. With the millions of Apps out there, I hope one exists.


Great idea. and appreciate your feedback and effort.

Loving actiontiles and will be purchasing a license at the end of my trial.


I just shot over half my wad of votes on the two widget-related threads. Even if it were not the entire AT application, with editing and settings, etc.  Just the ability to display a panel in a widget would make getting to Action Tiles so much more convenient. Currently, I have to open the app or browser, login, go to the panels, choose the panel for the view of my devices, and finally get to use it. If I could just throw a big widget on a home screen, it would be a matter of swiping to the given home screen and done. This was be the true pièce de résistance, putting AcitionTiles leaps ahead.   

As suggested, I already use SharpTools for widgets, but they are per-device widgets. For each device I have to add over a dozen widgets to get where it needs to be. What a pain to do home automation maintenance on my tablets around the house!  If there was one place to be able to update them all automatically, easier to deploy and easier to get to, woah nelly! (I'm from NYC, so imagine how excited I have to be to say "woah nelly".)   

Funny, I tried Web Widget too.  I was able to log in with the configuration's interactive browser. But the claim that it directs all changes in the interactive browser to the widget browser is not true. As you found, AT would not log in. I do not believe this is an issue for AT, just Web Widget not being Web 2.0 savvy enough. 

While not as nice as a widget you could save web page shortcuts to the home screen. Put half a dozen different short cuts on a dedicated home screen page and it would almost be like a quick access widget.