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Can we have an app to keep panel full screen and run on unlock?

Luke 7 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by callegari dreaming 6 years ago 8

Existing way of running the panels in Chrome (or other) browser doesn't seem to keep them in immersive mode (on Android). Any home screen shortcut created runs full screen, but not immersive on the phones and tablets I have tried. If we had a dedicated app that launches the page, it could be coded to always stay in immersive mode, rather than having to press the full screen button inside ActionTiles. It would also remain immersive after a link had been launched and returned from, such as to run Spotify. Such an app could also potentially have options to launch it immediately after unlocking the device, or set it up as a home screen app so that it can be a launcher to replace the home screen if the device was a dedicated ActionTiles device.

  • An "Android App" wrapper for ActionTiles is under consideration.
  • We have an interim solution under investigation, however, that should allow Immersive Mode without a native App.

Additional useful functionality would be to run it priority with persistent notification on Android, so that it would not be closed by Android. There are a few Kiosk browsers on Play store that show some of the useful features this app could add.


Could you just use the Fully Kiosk browser for this? Also has wake on motion detection.

Hi, i can see that the original reply from Terry was 4 months ago. Has there been any movement or progress on this as i am using an old samsung galaxy tab 2 and fully kiosk browser is incompatible and so does not allow me to install it form the play store. I will be using my tablet as dedicated actiontiles device so the idea of a replacement launcher intrigues me the most.

On Hold: Discussion Open

When are Feature Ideas in the Forum going to be implemented?

In other words: We have a lot of feature requests to consider and prioritize. Making ActionTiles compatible with "old tablets" is not likely to become a high priority, as it can be worked around by using a newer tablet. 

Making ActionTiles run full screen can be done on most tablets using Fully, which is also considered a good workaround for this overall Feature Request.


Hi, I have found a solution now. I flashed a custom Rom onto my tablet which was based on android 6 and this allowed me to install fully kiosk so all working now. Am still trialling action tiles at the moment but looking pretty certain I will be purchasing a license. Thanks for your reply


Can you give me more info on this.  I also have a Tab2, that i would like to use as a full time AT panel.  Any info on what / how is appreciated

Also interested in getting Fully but the android tablet I have doesn't support either.  Anybody else have a solution to work around if you can't have Fully?  I'll continue searching.  (or if I need to root, need to know the right one).