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Samsung TV not in Authorize Things list

Roy 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 5

I've added my compatible Samsung Smart TV to Smartthings, and reauthorized all my Things inside ActionTiles, but the TV does not appear in the list. Is this an error?

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Hi Roy,

I suspect the problem is this: Some Devices are missing from the Authorize Things (Add Location) screen?

If so, this is technically a SmartThings issue (failure to be compliant to their Device Type Handler standards). Normally we can get these fixed pretty quickly because we can check the source and do a "pull request".

The source code for "Samsung TV", however, does not appear to be public. We'll have to ask our SmartThings back-channel contacts to take a look into it.

  • Exactly what functions are provided in the SmartThings App that you think should be in ActionTiles?
  • We do not yet support "TV" capability Tiles.

hi, i bought 2 new Samsung tvs earlier this year and they also don't show in authorized devices. In the ST app I can control them, but actiontiles doesn't work with them anymore. I was always able to use AT for my old Samsung tvs to turn them on and off,  which was brilliant...any ideas how to fix this one? 


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Please check ALL device authorization lists. If you confirmed that it's indeed not listed anywhere, please open a private ticket. We will do some analysis, maybe there's a need for a patch.


Hi , ok sorry about that, i didn't check the last device atuhorzation list as it had some extra text saying email action tilles etc. and i thought that was something else. I have now managed to re-add the TVs to ActionTiles, however there are a few things i still can't do (as previously).

1) I can't turn the tv on using AT, however I can turn it off, once its on

2) Once the tv has been truned on with the remote control, i can turn the tv on and off with AT 

2) When I turn the tv off with the remote control, the AT icon still shows the TV as on, and pressing the tile does nothing

Both TVs types are "Samsung OCF TV" within ST IDE.

Would you think this is the way it has to be, or should I be able to to proper power on and off from AT? Should i raise a ticket? 


As far as ActionTiles is concerned, it only sends simple ON/OFF commands. The problem may lie in how your TV responds to these commands.

Please confirm whether you are able to operate the TV using SmartThings mobile app and if you get the same results.