RELEASE v6.3.0 deployed: Infrastructure for License Purchasing: Trials being expired in batches, each with 3 days notice in-App.

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Featured enhancements...

  • This Release is primarily the implementation of Location License Purchasing.
  • Very few new features or bug fixes this time, but we will double-check what was slipped in...

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

When can I buy?:

  • Hopefully soon: To make sure we're not overwhelmed with a payments bug, we will selectively mark batches of accounts with "Your trial is about to Expire!" notices (about 3 days before the Location is "disabled"); a bunch every day, steadily increasing in batch size.
  • The payments process was considered "very easy and straightforward" by our Beta testers, so we hope you find the same. As always, come to the Forum for support.


  • This is an update of the front-end web app only. The SmartApp "ActionTiles (Connect) V6", ie the connector to SmartThings, is unaffected. The SmartApp will change very rarely.
  • The version number of the front-end web app is found on the upper right corner of the Login Page and in the About section of in-app Help.
  • You will all receive the update automatically and simultaneously as we force a "reload" of the web page after deployment.
  • You can use in the in-app reload button if you suspect your browser did not refresh to this version (check About to see the Version number).

I went through the purchase process and everything went very smooth. Instructions were clear, the workflow felt well-integrated, and there isn't really anything I would suggest changing. Good work!

My purchase went fine but a word of warning for people whose banks still charge a foreign transaction fee - this (according to BofA) was an international transaction. My card doesn't charge a FTF, so I can't confirm whether it qualified for a FTF or not).

Thanks for that alert, Mike.

We are going to open $ USD πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ bank account in the actual USA soon. Lots of paperwork for a new business;

Canada was easier for now (even for a USD currency account) because of our business structure.


Good to know. Since it's a USD account, I wouldn't expect US banks to charge a FTF (except ... they are banks, after all ...).

Waiting for Customer


We didn't / don't expect a Foreign Transaction Fee, since processing is at least partially through Stripe, based in San Francisco! My personal "pending" test transactions on my Citibank US Credit Card does not show any fee (and the conversion rate from my CAD currency choice back to USD seems really good too... only $0.66 extra).

I suppose I should try a few more cards, but I don't need any more licenses 😜,

What are our Canadian (& UK) Customers noticing on their Credit Card bills?


Shows up on my visa as ACTIONTILES COM

Never knew you guys were fellow Canadians! Nice work!

Does the license have a limit to the number of simultaneous instances per location? Love the possibilities and future potential. Some of my work involves pro automation / integration systems; currently I'm playing with Smarthings integration at home and am impressed with the features and support throughout the ecosystem.

Fix In Progress

Thanks, Graham, eh!

(yes... I literally say that in chat a lot!).

The "Introductory Price per Location License" does not have a concurrent browser limit, subject to the Terms of Service

I used a Commerce Visa card and was charged a 24 cent foreign transaction fee.

Yep. Banks. I was charged a $0.48 charge for Visa ISA (international service assessment)

Read & Discuss

Grrrr! 2%! 😬 Sorry about that! If anything, we were expecting such fees to be passed to us when we moved payment funds to our Canadian banks, not to Customers.

I wonder what the Brits are experiencing in terms of exchange rates?

So far I've seen no fees of this sort on my personal cards; so I'm sure it's not Stripe, but rather a "feature" of your card provider / bank.


Aye. The nerve. I agree that its definately a "feature" of visa bank card.

Wasnt complaining, just contributing to the info for others.

The 2% fees added on for being international are INSIGNIFICANT compared to the value gained in ActionTiles which is worth so much more than the $23.99 you charge. ...maybe just add a little disclaimer in your description

* Price in US Dollars. Non-refundable. Plus any fees your financial institution may add...

Not that it matters for this purchase but I prefer using PayPal on my online purchases if you ever consider adding that as an option for others like me. The security is better.

Thanks for the feedback and assurance of the value of ActionTiles, Dalec!

We are keeping the option of PayPal under consideration. They have some policies that are really biased against vendors ("us"), so we like to continue to support competition in the payment provider marketplace if possible. Stripe is highly reputable and secure - we never see your credit card number; but the "old giant PayPal" certainly offers some advantages to Customers.

Slightly surprised that my location had expired on the 16th and was disabled. But it is the 13th today. So no 3 day notice to pay πŸ™ However payment was no problem.


Hi Roger,

I checked the records for your Location ID, and it was given a slightly incorrect "starting date": April 2nd ... 2016! Oops... 😳.

Thank-you very much for posting your issue! I have updated the flagged records to have a virtual starting date of April 2nd, 2017.

Sincerely apologize.


I tried to pay with my debit card and it said that my bank didn't allow this kind of transaction. Will there be any other method of payment? If not I may have to say goodbye to Action Tiles :(

Waiting for Customer

Sorry to hear of the trouble...

  1. Have you contacted your Bank? Often a "block" like this is temporary until they confirm it isn't a fraudulent new business. It's for your protection against scams (we're not a scam... πŸ˜‰).
  2. You could buy an inexpensive pre-paid Credit Card at your local grocery.
  3. We accept Bitcoin also via Stripe.

ive just tried to pay with bitcoins and i get to the final stage in shopping cart where it defaults to entering in your card details and then i click on Bitcoin and a message pops up saying: please log into your stripe.com dashboard and enable bitcoins. I guess this is something you need to do and the message wasn't directed at me. Please let me know once the bitcoin option is working. Id be happy to test it for you for a discounted membership!!

Thanks for the alert...

Looks like we currently cannot accept Bitcoin. Stripe had a poorly documented limitation that BTC are only accepted in the USA; not sure if that's only USA customers or USA payees (we're Canadian only at the moment).

I apologize for the inconvenience.

My trial expired a couple of days ago. Where do I go to pay so I can continue to use ActionTiles?

Just click on the Orange Key button:

It will bring you to the Location License Page where you can jump to the ActionTiles Shop, purchase a key, and then have it pasted back to the License Page.

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