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Jim 7 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 2

Not sure there's a solution for this. I had 3 devices go offline when my hub update occured. Had to remove, reset, and re-add. Even tho I used the same name I still had to remove the tiles and put them back in. Is there no way around having to do this? Had to redo several panels. Not a major thing, just inconvenient.

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Sorry to hear of the inconvenience, Jim...

Throughout our database, ActionTiles references your Things by the Device ID assigned to them by SmartThings.

This way if you just de-authorize and sometime re-authorize the Thing it will automatically be reattached to all its Tiles.

The problem comes when you completely remove a Thing from SmartThings: They don't provide any way to reuse /preserve its past Device ID when it us re-added. In fact, if they figured out how to offer this as a Feature, then they would be half-way to providing a Hub to Hub "migration tool". 😞

The idea of preserving and restoring Tile & Thing references by some intermediate reference other than Device ID would be a very complicated effort on our side.

Yah... I'm saying that SmartThings, with its resources being a 300× ours, ought to be able to do it first.


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