Is anyone using ActionTiles to activate different zones for a sprinkler controller?

Den 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Marc B 7 years ago 9

This is something I would like to be able to do.

I just tested this with the Rachio controller and it seems to work well. The one thing I noticed was it defaults to 10 minutes when you activate a zone. I am not sure where the default number is coming from.

So then, you were able to create a separate tile on ActionTiles for each watering zone?

Yes, a separate tile for each zone.

Each zone shows up as a Thing in the Tileset.

I like the water faucet symbols. That should be added to the available ActionTiles device icons.


These are the default symbols for "valves".

The mid-term plan is try to to allow selection of any (from a specific pretty big library...) of icons for any Tile. There are some constraints we have to work-around.

I am in the process of doing a quick and dirty and cheap method of controlling my basic Orbit sprinkler controller. I bought a $35 Zwave relay switch that triggers the "Cycle" membrane switch on my controller. The contract closure activates Zone 1 watering, a second closure activates the next zone, etc. I had to solder two wires to the controller keypad. That is why I wanted the water faucet icon to be available for my relay switch device.

I wish HydraWise (the Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller that I use) would give us SmartThings integration. It's really cool to have it as-is, but would be a step up if I were able to interact with it (even if only to a limited degree) via SmartThings.

Hmmm.. I seem to have BOTH valve and switch options for my Rachio zones. If I choose "Switch" it will accurately show me the on/off status of any zone (and the controller as a whole) but I can't initiate watering it just returns an error if I click the tile whether it's on or off already. I'd like to tell you the exact error but ActionTiles now cannot seem to see the Rachio things at the moment to test this again.

If I choose "Valve" the tiles just show question marks and can't seem to do anything.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I haven't been able to figure it out. Everything works fine from within SmartThings.

Oh, Rachio just came back in ActionTiles, I get an "Error: Device not found" if I chose "Switch". But the names of the tiles are correct and the Tile status (on or off) shows correctly so I know they're talking to each other.