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Something just changed?

TheLAD 2 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 16

This morning, several of my tiles were grey with small "?" in the middle.  Have not seen this before.  Nothing changed in the last few weeks.  When I touched some of the tiles, they resumed working, but some are still showing grey with "?".  Getting same behavior on both my Samsung Tab A and my iPad.

they all started working right today.  One of the ones that was not working was a "lux" tile connected to the ST weather app which should always have data?

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It is possible that SmartThings has lost its connection with ActionTiles. There is a process that attempts to reconnect two times per day. If the problem remains, please open a private ticket. I hope this issue is not bothering you again.

Hi. This has also been happening to me as well. All the tiles were fine this morning but then went to '?''s. If you click on the tile, its will load up, but then you have to hit it again to get it to work. Then it will be fine for about a week.

Any idea what the deal is? Or how to fix? Thank you!

Ok, so I went into the AT website and noticed there was an alert on my location / hub status. I had never seen this before, I dont remember exactly what it said, but I updated the connection and everything is working fine now. 

Any idea how to prevent this from occurring in the future so that it stays connected? Its been occurring about 3 times in the past 3 weeks.

I had the same issue last night when all my icons went to ?'s.  This morning everything went back to normal.  Assume this is as Alex commented that SmartThings lost connection with ActionTiles.

I had this repeat again yesterday.  The only way to fix it was to activate switches at AT for switches, but for contacts (e.g. door), I had to cycle the contact (e.g. open/close the door).  I checked my location/hub status and did not see any alerts.

This is a Smartthings caused issue, not actiontiles. 

Go to your actiontiles web page and click on "My Locations / Hubs" on the left side of the screen, about half way down.

select your hub.

Click on "Update Connection" 

You should be good to go.

Thanks, I just did that,  but did not see anything happen, but problems had already been resolved.  I did NOT get any kind of alert about this as you mentioned.

I have been getting about two emails a day from smartthings saying they are having issues.

If you are not getting them, you can sign up, though I do not remember where that is.

happened again today.  Your suggestion of "updating the connection" restored it properly.  easier than triggering each device.  thanks

I am getting those, but when I have seen these issues, they don't impact the console on the ST app.  These aren't huge problems but wanted Alex to know that things are happening with the interface.

Nothing has changed from the ActionTiles side. Looks like SmartThings cloud is temperamental in the past several days.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anything at this point to make it more stable. Once we switch to the new API platform, these set of problems will disappear.

Image 6798

This is the picture of my hub status when I get the ?'s on my devices. I have to reconnect. Its not happening often, but is this indeed a ST issue? 

I saw the same today.  Reconnect cleared it.

Yes, reconnecting the hub works - so it’s an easy fix when it happens. I’m just wondering if there is a ‘permanent’ fix for it now or in the future. 

Once we migrate to the new API platform, the problems that are unique to the Classic platform will disappear.