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Allow Panel Shortcut to "self" to facilitate consistent layouts

Nashional 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 9

For consistency between all pages, please allow to us to add all panel shortcuts to all pages. Right now you can't add the panel you're viewing. So the buttons are inconsistent between pages (the third one is not always Living Room because if you're in Living Room you can't add it).

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multiple panel in one shorcut it's a good idea, but not all. Possibility to choice. I create panel for kid exemple. I authorize my kid for 2 panel. I created panel for them but they do not have access to all the panel. I do not want my boy to have fun with the alarm system or the light of his brother . If in my kitchen, I push on all shorcut and I see panel of my kids It is not very useful


To OP: you could use a blank tile, in place of shortcut to "self". Just an option.

I didn't come across this topic when I submitted my own comment on this issue, So now I know it is here I'll add a comment:

I don't really see the benefit of excluding the panel you are editing from the list offered when creating a Panel Shortcut, for three reasons:

  1. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do.
    • You may have a set of similar panels to be used in different rooms in the house and like to have the tiles in the same place in each.
    • You may have a set of similar panels to be selected at different times of day and ditto.
    • You may have a set of similar panels to be used on a display that moves around and ditto.
    • You may like to change the colour of the Panel Shortcut and use it to show which panel you are currently running.
  2. You can use URL Shortcuts instead.

  3. You can add the Panel Shortcut anyway because you can create it in another panel and copy the tileset across.

For me it is really a usability issue. It doesn't stop you doing anything but it makes it more tedious or makes you do it a different way.


Yup ... All makes sense to me. I'm sure this was just an oversight when we created the Panel Shortcuts feature.

you can do it by copying, a tile set containing the Panel links into another Panel, then add the missing Panel link, and copy it back.

 .... If that makes sense...