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Default Tile Colors

admin 2 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated 2 years ago 2

Sorry for a noob question, I did search.

I have been working on building out my dashboard in both ST and AT.

AT is looking the best with usability, but I have one item that confuses me.

I am using the elements theme

When I add a door lock, the entire tile is red.

I understand the intents, so I was hoping “green” when locked.  Red when unlocked 

But I can’t seem to get the tile off of “red”.  In fact red isn’t even a theme color.

where did the red come from?

It seems some types of tiles are preset to a specific color.

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Elements theme is not as customizable as the other themes. If you want the background color to change, you must select one of the other themes.

I saw that. Working great with Shebaz