Force row of Tiles to wrap?

Glenn Smith 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 5

Is it, or would it be possible to force a line wrap instead of relying on the browser size? Would be nice to tidy things up a little.

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We have various feature requests for more layout options, but they're going to take a while for us to digest.

In the meantime, though, your request, Glenn, has a simple existing workaround:

  • Just put each new "row" of Tiles in its own Tileset
  • At this time, a Tileset always begins on a new row (i.e., it is forced to "wrap" around).

Good workaround!  (Glad I searched, was going to post this as a request...)


Thanks for the note. I guess that will give some sort of work around. My idea came as all of my tiles are 1x1 with the exception of the thermostat which ids 1x2 so the layout looks messy and I was trying to work out a way to get tiles tucked in. I'll have a play, but it sounds like you have a long list of tweaks like this that would make a lot of difference I'm sure.

Indeed... the "double-height" (and even the "double-wide") Tiles are a reason that some of the layout management ideas being discussed in Beta have lead to "simple" implementations. If all Tiles fit absolutely inside a grid, then the problem might be easier.

This is an area that will evolve... In the meantime, we honestly love the simplicity of the current layout engine. It just "works" responsively on any device ... but it isn't perfectly tailored for consistent view on every device: Instead, the engine is designed to keep Tiles always functional (i.e., the icon and font size isn't just zoomed out until too tiny to use, instead the Tiles are flowed to fill the available space).

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