TinyCam Pro - Only loads 6 camera's

ayalad1962 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated 2 years ago 3

Hi, I am using Tinycam pro on a Fire tablet. I have 8 camera's I am only able to see 6 of the 8. No matter what combination I can only get 6 to stream. I can see the stream of all the camera's in the Tinycam Pro live viewer. I can see all the camera's in My Media. The camera tiles populate in actiontiles but 2 of the 8 are blank, no stream. Is there a limit to the amount of camera's or some setting to allow all the 8 camera's to show? Thanks.


This is a common issue with most modern browsers, at lease the ones that are based on Chrome. For some reason they restrict concurrent streams from the same IP to only 6.

The only workaround is the move some of the cameras to a different IP. Unfortunately, there's nothing that could be changed in ActionTiles to make it work...

how lucky you are I bought tinycam pro I have bought several cameras including the latest model wyze v3 and I have not been able to include any of them in my action tiles dashboard

I stopped using Tinycam and installed in action tiles  all my cameras using the url. Tinycam was a pain, the IPs kept changing and you are only limited to 6 without a work around, which I found after installing.