Media Tile not refreshed on initial page load

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I've got a couple of media tiles (static image with 10s refresh time). I've noticed that when I first load up the panel the initial image is one from several days ago - it takes until the first refresh (i.e. 10 seconds) to load the correct image. Also, every so often on a refresh cycle it reverts back to the 'old' image for one cycle, before properly refreshing again.

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Confirmed Bug

You are correct in your observations. This should be corrected to refresh the image immediately.

Ok - please let me know when you have corrected so I can set the refresh interval to something realistic. Thanks for the quick reply.

Fix Planned

This is known issue and we plan to fix

... but gosh darn, I can't find the original report of this Bug... So I'll keep this new Topic open.

Original report on this forum: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/1003-media-tile-with-gif-image-not-refreshing-or-updating/

Good to hear on the fix. When you have time, please do tell us what you found. Thanks.


Sorry to disappoint; but the Topic you referenced is an entirely different one that we cannot reproduce and cannot fix at this time

This Topic from Needlerp (and reported once before in my recall...) is just on the initial load of the Panel.

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