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In tile font size options?

av8or 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated 3 years ago 2

Is there any way to adjust the in tile font size? not the tile title size but actually in the tile as seen in my screen shot, the temp and status "78º idle" are crazy tiny and there's a lot of space in the tile to make it larger and easier to read

Image 6367

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The option to adjust Tile Header and Footer font sizes is available under Panel Settings.

You can get there by opening Panel Builder, select top-right menu, select Panel Settings.


From panel view, select bottom-right menu, select Panel Settings.

the temp is part of the header, i thought that was only the part that says 'ecobee'? the tile title

I just checked my panel settings and header/footer as well as content, are set to 'large' which is the largest setting