Open intent url with-in Fully window

KDay3 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings 0

I'm new here so if I am in the wrong place please direct me to the proper sub forum, after much troubleshooting and searching online I have not found an answer.

I have licensed Actiontiles & Fully Kiosk, I want to open one of my apps using intent url with-in the Fully window yet regardless of my settings in Actiontiles using "My shortcuts" and "Tile settings",and Fully's many options, nothing is giving me the result I am looking for.

My cameras via Blue Iris UI3, my weather links etc. all open with the Fully Action Bar visible, but my Smart Life app via intent url (example: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component= etc. : structure) opens in a new window without the top bar visible. I have tried all three "Tile Content" settings and all produce the same result below with Smart Life app - "Alarm Host".

Thank you

The Security tab with-in Actiontiles as a shortcut intent url is how this is done.

Image 6332

Top bar vanishes and the tablet status bar is now visible, although in Fully I have the Action bar set, even in Kiosk mode.

Image 6333