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Possible granular Harmony Hub Integration?

Vahid Pournavab 7 years ago in Media Tiles updated by Jerry & Sawrie 6 years ago 13

BTW, great job on Actionetiles app! Clean front interface for smarthings hub was very much needed for a very long time! please keep it going!

So I got my Harmony hub activities to show up as tiles on my panels, but i'd love to be able to have further controls over my individual (AV)devices on the actual tiles. For instants be able to control TV's volume, input, etc in tiles would be awesome!!

Would deeper (AV)device control be possible on the tiles down the road? Perhaps a Harmony Hub integration app?

On Hold: Discussion Open


At the moment, we don't have any plans to integrate directly with Harmony Hub.

The granular control of devices may not be possible with the current Harmony APIs.



I used the shortcut tile to open the harmony app on my iPad/iPhone. pick a name and then use harmony:// as the link.

I'm currently trying to figure out if I can use that to specify a hub as well. We have three hubs and I'd like to be able to make 3 different shortcuts..

:// does not work for me on android. I've Tried 3 different browsers and nothing. I can get to the Spotify and sonos apps from the shortcut set up screen but then it does not work on the home/dash. I think I need this sorting before I take the plunge.


I really wish you did not merge my topic. My topic is not asking for this.

The Harmony integration into ST creates 'switches' for Harmony activities to start/end on/off a harmony activity.

I am simply asking that you support this type of switch not for a direct integration.

I have "unmerged" your Topic, Justin.

Can you go there and elaborate in much more detail please? I'm afraid I don't understand the request.



when you integrate ST and Harmony your Harmony activities appea within ST allowing you to press a button within the ST app to turn on the TV (Start Harmony TV activity).

In AT, Harmony activities appear under 'other devices' within the setup. However if you add a tile for the harmony activity when you press on the tile you receive a message stating 'device not found'.

I suspect this is because the Harmony ST Device is only a switch and supports only the capability of a switch.

You can disregard my request. I posed the question to Harmony and they don't support what I'm looking for anyway. They have it on a future to-do list but for now it isn't possible.


You can actually do this with webcore. 

I have harmony activities and i can control them with AT


Ike, can you give more details of what you are doing with webcore and even share the piston screenshot?

Hi Nick,

Lets say I want to turn my TV ON..

Create a Harmony activity.. ``TV ON``

Create a Simulated switch in ST IDE. ``My TV``

Add both the activity and the switch to Webcore.

Write your piston:

If the simulated switch turns on DO turn on the harmony activity

Add this simulated switch ``My TV`` to Action Tiles.

my new setup is, when I say ``Alexa movie time`` lights go off, blinds go down, TV OFF, Receiver on, Projector on, Projection screen goes down, speakers on, motion detecting pistons are paused  etc. So again this is all done with one webcore piston and that is activated by a simulated switch ``Movie Time`` 

In the picture:

switch 11 is the simulated switch (That is visible as a tile in AT)

switch 51 is the harmony activity

You can either control that switch with alexa or Action Tiles

That's strange that you have to created a simulated switch to do that. Once I create an activity in Harmony it automatically shows up as a switch in ST, which then allows me to add it to AT just like any other physical switch. Is there something I am missing as to why you have to create it as a virtual switch just for power on/off functions?  I think i was hoping that it would give some more specific functions other than power. I have been wanting to be able to set a virtual button to mute the tv but have not had any luck

Would you mind sharing your entire piston?  Looks very interesting!!!