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Full Panel display nested within a Tile Set

JayTen 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Josh Fink 7 years ago 2

Would be great to have the capability to have a Tile Set that displays another panel, live, nested inside it, rather than just a link to the panel. Use case I am thinking of is to have your main panel be certain theme and tile size, but have a Tile Set that displays a smaller panel that may be another theme or tile size.

For example, the tiles for all of my lights or switches I want small, but for Sonos, I would like larger to give more room to hit the various controls and see the music title display a little better.

A reasonable workaround right now is to have a panel link that bounces to the larger view, that also contains a link back to the main panel, but having both options would be great.