Themes and changing backgrounds?

twiseva 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated 3 years ago 2

I am attempting to get actiontiles theme to use a URL for its background. It seems to work when I set it but when I change the image on the web server (the URL remains the exactly the same) it does not  seem to update. Should it update when this changes or am I assuming something is there that is not? 

Cheers, Tony.


Tony, the background image in ActionTiles is probably cached. If you are service the image yourself, try to set it's caching header. Also, the dashboard needs to reload, in order for the new image to be pulled. You may try to use the Auto Reload function of ActionTiles that's found under App Preferences.

Yeah, I have observed it and I did set the auto-reload which works fine. So yep, all good -- and thanks for the response. This is just a once-a-day update so performance/immediacy not important!