'Settings' panel

Bob Gross 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 3 years ago 2

I would like to create a 'Settings' panel wherein we could easily make changes to values used in WebCoRE to, for instance, turn off lights.  I would like to be able modify times, temperatures (Centigrade), and other numeric values.  

Is there any way to achieve this?  What do other users do?


So far, ActionTiles only works with official SmartThings devices (as far as I know).  However a workaround would be to create a "virtual dimmer switch" in SmartThings.  I think Dimmer Switch is the only device ActionTiles would support in this way - so your input values are limited to 0-100.  In a webcore piston, if virtual dimmer device level changes, set the real device to value from virtual device.

Thanks Kevin, I do that where I can but I have to fudge a lot.  ie for temperatures with .5 degrees I have to enter twice the value and the divide by 2 in the piston.  And you cant use that method for times etc.