New panels

Metalheadtec 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 3 years ago 14

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Wow! That's one amazing looking panel!

I see a mouse cursor. How are you using the mouse?

Did you make this frame yourself?

@Metalheadtec, is there a new template for the LCARS HTML “wrapper” that I found in the forums a few years ago, or did you make this yourself?

made it myself,

Background made on gimp.

browser running on raspberry pi 3 

My next project will be a pi server with actiontiles embedded so you can use buttons on the background.

Care to share your HTML/PHP/JS & graphics files?

I used php & iframe on html need to finish off kitchen first.  Have a go it wasn't hard.

worked on a prototype 6 months ago it worked fine using html large page.


I did this last year.

This is what I started from, but if you started from scratch, you might have something cleaner and/or more novel.


All the sidebar buttons are functional. You look like you have it sorted, but let me know if you want to see the code (just HTML and some JS borrowed from the ST community link above), if it might save you some time. I'll just need to blank out some private tokens first.

it looks cool !

My design is for the kitchen smartthings etc plus pi ioT

Weighing scales  recipes mp4 etc plus alexa built in, all on  one screen.

A lot of work

Building a new Kitchen lots to do!

The pi is also a RF doorbell.

I was building a large touch screen in kitchen, but change my mind.

It will be a  counter top touch screen like the amazon echo show 10 but run by a pi.