RELEASE v6.2.2 deployed: Routine Tiles, IE11 and "old Android" Compatibility...

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Announcements / Release Notes updated 7 years ago 1

A couple BIG enhancements...

  • Individual Routine Tiles!
  • General improved compatibility with IE11 and some older Android / browsers versions!

I will update the various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.


  • See above... exciting stuff, right!?
  • Some additional tweaks, wording / spelling fixes, UI touches (e.g., Slide-ups like Routine List and Dimmer now have an "X" to close button...).


This is an update of the front-end web app only. The SmartApp "ActionTiles (Connect) V6", ie the connector to SmartThings, is unaffected. The SmartApp will change very rarely.

The version number of the front-end web app is found on the upper right corner of the Login Page and at the top "About" section of the in-app Help Page.

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