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http video stream port keeps changing

Haris 3 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated 3 years ago 7

I have an IP camera, which generates an rtsp and http stream (snapshot). The URL is like this

I am able to embed this video on a panel without any issues. My issue is after a day or so, the port number (12345 in the above example) of the stream keeps changing from the source. Then the video stops until I update the port number on the medial section on actiontiles. I know this is not an issue with actiontiles, but I wonder if anyone knows how to fix this. ie - to keep the port number the same all the time. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I believe you need to update your router to assign a static IP address for your camera. The process depends on the make and model of your router.

Thanks Alex for your reply. I have already assigned a static IP for the camera. As in the opening post, it is the port number which keeps changing randomly. I could access the camera settings and I can see the port number there, but it simply keep changing after sometime. I am looking for a solution to keep the port number static.

I misread the original post. I now see that the problem is with the port, not the IP address.

Please provide the camera make and model in case anyone else came across this issue.

It is a generic Chinese brand IP camera. Details as above. 


If you were trying to obscure the UID number for some reason, that QR code shows the full number.

When I try to Google C25 this camera seems to be the most likely match. Is it like the camera you have?

Or: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32840011065.html

Thanks KamHouse for the heads up. I thought of it after posting it, then I thought it wont matter. So left it. Yes, that is the exact model of my camera.