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ActionTiles Forum Notification Emails: Defaults corrected!

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago in Announcements updated 7 years ago 1

The default setting for new uses of the Forum is now fixed. New users are only notified if they create or opt to follow a Topic, or if you use your own Notification Preferences to subscribe to the entire Forum or specific Categories.

If you are logged into the ActionTiles Forum, select the Notifications option under your avatar in the upper right of the screen to bring up the Notifications settings page.

This is also where you can unfollow individual Topics that you may be already following...


More information on ActionTiles emails...

  • The ActionTiles News List (ActionNews@ActionTiles.com) is for Invite Codes, urgent alerts, and promotionsl emails only. It is, indeed, a marketing list and is opt-in via the subscribe option on our mail WWW site, and opt-out via it’s Unsubscribe link. If you Unsubscribe, you will not be able to receive Invitation Codes or other special offers.
  • The Forum Notifications is a 100% separate list and provider (UserEcho). These should only be alerts on Topics and Categories that you choose to follow on the ActionTiles Support & Feedback Forum but may have defaulted for early users to “all new Topics".
  • There is a “Manage my Notifications” option at the bottom of each of those messages that takes you to your notification preferences...

At the bottom of every Forum email…

That opens this first “quick unsubscribe page”…

But we recommend the “more flexible” page…


We apologize for the original inconvenience of excessive notifications caused by the incorrect "default setting". Please resume your enjoyment of ActionTiles!

We kindly ask you to please do not mark any emails from ActionTiles.com as spam or abuse.

Flagging emails from us could cause serious problems for all our customers and invitees in the future. Critical messages (like password reset requests, outage alerts, etc.) could be eventually be blocked from reaching hundreds of valid recipients.

Instead, please note: All our promotional emails contain "unsubscribe" links. Please email "Support@ActionTiles.com" if you have any difficulty unsubscribing. Thank-you!!!