Elements Theme Customization

John Yaglenski 3 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 3 years ago 2

Hey All:

Looking to customize a theme - and actually really like the simplicity of the elements theme - but when I go to build out my own in the theme creator - I can match up the colors etc of Elements (I just want to modify them slightly) but my locks which appear as RED blocks in the elements theme just come up as the "Normal" color in my theme.  

Why is that?  What makes the door locks RED in the default theme?  I actually like that as they stand out - but would like them to be orange instead.  

I'm sure as a relatively new user, it's something I'm just overlooking.




Hi John,

The Elements theme is the very first theme that was ever designed. It a legacy theme and the only one that does not follow the "intent" schema. It's not available as a template for other themes, unfortunately...

ok, so what “lights up” the locks in that theme and not the others?  Am I to assume that since it is different there is no way to replicate that behavior?

thanks for the great product BTW