How does ActionTiles handle renaming devices in SmartThings?

Brian Beaird 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 7

I assume the devices in ActionTiles eventually pick up the new name automatically, but do we know how often this refreshes and if there's a way to force it to refresh the names?

Waiting for Customer

Hi Brian,

Yes... There's a periodic refresh (not sure how frequent); but please drill into your Location inside ActionTiles and look for menu options...

We like to encourage customers to "explore" -- to help determine if UI changes and/or documentation is needed...



I see that now, thanks. I must have overlooked the three dots to pull up location settings. It definitely keeps the UI clean but can also make things seem more hidden than needed.

What do you mean by "more hidden than needed"?


I just mean having an explicitly labeled "Location Settings" link right out front somewhere on the Location Viewer screen rather than behind the ellipses link. It's just a thought. I know the rest of the config pages work that way, but for some reason this one did not jump out to me when I saw the page for the first time, and I assumed there wasn't anything else there to see. This was also while viewing on a big desktop monitor, so my brain is probably just less trained to look for UI elements like that than when viewing on a mobile device.


I empathize and appreciate the feedback -- Honestly, I personally wish that every function would be in neon colors and impossible to miss (no kidding, really!).

We follow Material Design guidelines that advocate for minimalist and clean. When something is frequently reported as being "hard to discover"; then we consider how to remedy that... but it becomes a slippery slope.

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