Updated Honeywell Thermostats in ST, lost Dual Thermostat Control in AT

ChrisP 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 6

A few weeks ago, my two Honeywell TCC 9000 thermostats stopped having the ability to control set points in ST.  I found on reddit that others had the same issue, and had to remove and re-add them (via cloud connection to TCC again).  THis fixed the issue in ST, but then resulted in the thermostats being identified as "placeholder" for type in AT.

I went into the IDE, changed the type to what it was before, and now I can use them.  However, there is no Dual Control tile like before that allowed for heat/cool control in a single tile.  I have to add seperate heat and cool tiles now.


In Progress

This thermostat claims a different set of capabilities and misses one that ActionTiles was previously looking for. A patch is staged to address this issue. The code will be deployed in the next couple of days.

hi Alex. I just checked again, and the options are the same.  We're the changes implemented? 

chris, I had the same thing happen, I also have a Honeywell thermostat and had been using the dual thermostat tile, and I also lost controls in Smartthings and when I reinstalled the thermostat I lost the dual thermostat tile.


The Honeywell thermostat was updated and as a result, ActionTiles lost the ability to display dual thermostat tile. This was fixed and will be included in the upcoming release.

@alex, same issue. Any update on the patch of fix? As of FEB 17, 2021 I'm having the same issue with loss of the dual thermostat tile and "placeholder" entry.


This bug was fixed this morning. Please reload the app for the changes to take effect.

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