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Set tile color if device is offline?

Mike Thomas 4 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 3

With the death of Simple Device Viewer, I no longer have an easy way to know what devices are offline. SmartThings will spam me forever about batteries being below 15%, but it never seems to tell me when devices are offline (other than when the hub goes offline).

Is it possible to display the offline status of devices in ActionTiles? Preferably as a third option (for a contact sensor this would be open, closed, offline), but I'll take whatever will work.

It's possible that the API that SDV relied on is the same one that ActionTiles relies on, in which case I could see this would not be possible.


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We experimented with device health status a little bit and could not produce anything workable.

In Classic API, device status needs to be polled. If ActionTiles will poll the devices, it will raise some red flags. As an approved app this is not really an option.

In the New API, the device status event is triggered so frequently that it floods our system with noise and blows away all rate limits. Even seemingly stable devices that are always online generate device status events several times per second, so we couldn't rely on it either. I don't know when the new device health system will be activated. At the moment there's no good method to determine device status.

Any chance this will change with the new API on 9/30/22


Yes, this feature is already implemented and will be enabled after migration to the new API. However, it will not be enabled immediately after migration. Stay tuned for announcements.